Monday, May 18, 2009

Martial Arts Training to Shake Off Gloom & Doom

Swine flu, weak economy, international political instability… No matter where you go, it seems that gloom and doom are the only messages from news media.

Then, in academic life, youngsters compete for openings in kindergarten, elementary, and junior high school, while young adults compete for places in high school and college entering classes.

Finally, when we go into the job market, year-in and year-out we’ve got to carefully navigate every twist and turn in order to protect our livelihood. In fact, even if you do everything right, there are no guarantees and eternal vigilance is the essential, universal mantra for survival.

So, yes, life in contemporary society is a struggle, but it’s also a precious gift to be savored and celebrated. And martial arts training is one key to coping with its obstacles and making the most of its opportunities.

Many students who begin martial arts training are startled by it’s rigor, but if they persevere, they become physically strong. Those who transcend the physical rigor develop mental toughness. Finally, the physical prowess and mental toughness of martial arts training enables students to help others in a spirit of fraternity. So, martial arts training refines the body, mind and character.

That’s why anyone who feels frustrated or powerless by the barrage of gloom and doom messages from news media, or who feels that his or her life is stalled, should study martial arts. By doing so, he or she will become reinvigorated and find a new capacity to motivate and energize others.

Study martial arts to feel good about yourself. Study martial arts to uplift others. These are powerful reasons and tools for shaking off the gloom and doom.